Why a good Multi Use Knife is Great for Fishing

Your tactical gear won’t be complete without the best rescue knife to go with it. Multi-use knives are so important that even when you are just doing your day to day activities, you would do well to have one at arm’s reach. Even when fishing, having a multi-purpose knife will do you a lot of good. There is always that line to cut, that fish to fillet and some other things that need sharp edges.

Why a Fisherman Need a Knife?

Without question, a good fisherman knows that he needs a knife both for survival and utility. When you have a catch, the easiest way to turn it into a meal is to use a knife. There are countless other reasons but these two stands out. Other fishermen may have other reasons too but for sure they would agree with these two. Whether you’re fishing in open water or some pristine rivers, you don’t know what might happen and having a reliable blade can easily turn a disadvantageous situation into an advantageous one.

The second purpose which is utility means that cutting a newly tied knot is straightforward without the use of your teeth. When you want to kindle a riverside bonfire, you can easily cut some twigs to start it. Filleting your catch is also clean and won’t ruin the fish because a fine blade does its job well.

What Type of Knife is Best for Fishing

The best knife to carry when fishing is a multi-use knife. This is particularly because when fishing, there are just too many things that require different blades or tools. When removing a hook from a catch, you might need a small plier. This means that you knife must have a small plier. When cutting a line, you need a sharp blade which may also serve well for filleting.

Aside from all these, you have to make sure that the knife you carry does not open unless you open it. A self-opening knife that seems to have a mind of its own is a recipe for disaster. If your knife opens or closes on its own, you can easily cut yourself with it. It must have a good locking mechanism so that when it is open, it stays open until you close it.

When choosing a multi-purpose knife, think about the condition where you will be using it the most. For example, if you are going to fish mostly in open water, then there are no twigs to cut there. A larger blade with less extra tools might be sufficient. But if you’re fishing in the rivers, you might need something with all the bells and whistles except the kitchen and sink that goes with it. There will be vines and twigs to catch there and hooks to remove and you need tools for that.

So, does a fisherman need a knife? The answer is a definite yes. You need to be prepared for whatever eventualities and a good knife is sure to help you with that.